Glass Cutting in the space? Need to frame some art


Would like to make my own glass frames to display some posters etc. I picked up - do we have glass cutting implments or would it be best to go to a framer do we think?

I need to do some framing at some point. I have been advised that we can cut down framing perspex on the table saw as long as we change to the correct blade. As for glass I don’t know if we have a glass cutter in the space.

Let me know if you do plan to order any framing supplies as I would like to go in on an order for prespex and maybe some mouldings.

Yeah, a multi material blade on the table saw is good for perspex…

Glass cutter - not sure - would be in the messy room tool shelves… if we don’t have one, it is certainly something we can get - send me a link… seems like it would be generally useful!


there’s a glass cutter somewhere but have not seen it for ages.

cutting glass is easy on the Big Green bench in the workshop

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Oh looks like they are super cheap, like £5-10 for the tool. I guess we should also get some gloves or would we already have glass-proof gloves?

We have long Steel rulers, a tin of 3 in 1 oill would be a useful thing to bring, I don’t use gloves for cutting glass but that’s your call bear in mind I have thick skin and Heal quickly.