Fusion 360 training / workshop

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(Dean Forbes) #1

I can use fusion 360 but am not an expert, I find it both simple and complex at the same time … I feel its is a extremely capable tool.

When I started I often wanted some hand holding but at the end of the day walking through the online tutorial is excellent, actually it is beyond excellent

I suspect a few people skipped some of the tutorials as did I and made a few assumptions - which you then end up paying for later on sadly

Where does this leave “training” sessions, the problem will I believe all ways be that every one will be at different levels. perhaps one way to address this is to have a monthly workshop/working session, where people can come in do there own work and ask each other questions ?

Thoughts and is anyone else prepared to run with this ?

(Dermot Jones) #2

@Jonathan has run some very well-recieved Fusion 360 workshops in the past

(laurent_muchacho) #3

A bit busy at the moment with the 3D printer build but I’ll happily do some knowledge sharing/training

(Dean Forbes) #4

tip of the day for me

If you want svg’s out of fusion you can use


(Dean Forbes) #5

Was chatting yesterday in the space about some fusion tools for holes, bolts and nuts - here are the links


Bolt Generator

Custom Screw Creator

Metric Hex Nut Generator

Bolt Generator

(Robert Keyes) #6

Thanks @deanforbes! Some intensely useful tools there - I have installed.

Additionally, I use traceparts.com for some of the more detailed models that I work on. I find it very useful for gears and bearings - it’s a free sign up, and kinda like GrabCAD but for actual components. Best I’ve found for working with Fusion 360 is to download the “detailed” models in the STEP AP214 format, then setting component physical material inside of Fusion to replicate an accurate part weight. What I’m hoping to do once the CNC is up and running is to see just how accurate the models are, especially when it comes to spur gears.

(which, actually - @metaltechs, what is the model of the CNC? I’d like to see if I can write a direct output from Fusion)

(Robert Keyes) #7

Some additional information should you ever find yourself wanting to make fingerboxes in fusion (or other CAD package) - www.makercase.com has you covered with open downloadable SVG files that play nice with Fusion