Furniture from my office

Hey - my company is moving office and we’re getting rid of some furniture.

Needs to be picked up from near Southbank this weekend … if you’d like it for the space - and have some kind of vehicle capable of transporting it (my car isn’t big enough!) - let me know ASAP! I’m intending on going down on Saturday around 1100 to pick it up, or possibly Sunday.

There is:

  • plastic-ish Yellow kitchen dining chairs
  • Dining table 80mm x 74.5mmx 80mm x 4
  • A OSB box bench with a cusion
  • A bar desk and several green bar stools
  • a large ( 243.5 x 201.5 x 60mm) whiteboard on wheels
  • A 1m x 1m couch stool
  • A 1.2m x 0.48m x 0.6m coffee table
  • a room divider

As it happens, most of it fits quite well with the varnished OSB-chique of the space.

LMK by Friday evening maybe?

Hi, what are the measurements of the bar desk?
I am totally interested in some barstools.

There’s actually several!

One is 160 x 90 x 80mm (woodtop with a frame)
Another is 300 x 89 x 80 - it’s made of two frames with one tabletop

And the bar stools are 43 x 80 x 41mm

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Any chance of a picture of table, bar stools and the room divider before I commit?


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Cool! Mind taking a pic of the room divider too?

Sorry these are a bit small, I’m working with what I’ve been given!

There’s also an interesting coat rack image


If I manage to get a lift, I’d be happy to take the bar stools, maybe one of the bar desks, maybe divider. Need to look up car options first.

:clap: Hurrah ! Ping me a DM when you’ve figured it out and we can talk logistics :slight_smile:

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Hi chris, just DM’d you.

@petra & @afshind do you want the coat rack? If not I’m pretty keen on it :blush:

Hi Chris,

Im moving in an empty flat in about two weeks with no furniture to my name so keen to grab some stuff if there’s some left.

I was interested in 3 bar stools, the dining table, the coffee table, the couch stool, the dining chairs. If they are not yet taken.

@petra When are you going there?

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Added you to a DM thread with the details :slight_smile:

Offers closed!,