Free Online Pawn ;)

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Very early beginnings but thought I’d share the photos as I go…

Just learned the basics on the wood lathe and metal lathe recently so thought I’d combine them and attempt to make a chess set of mixed metal and wood pieces…

First prototype pawn done! Lots of improvements to be made in terms of shaping, fit, complexity, accuracy, etc but it’s a start. Just aluminium and a bit of very hard off-cut oak so far but once I get the hang of it I can progress on to some posher materials :slight_smile:

1 down (almost), only 31 to go and probably the same in ‘prototype’ experimental rejects… :slight_smile:


Cool idea to combine the two! Nice work!

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I think those materials are quite posh enough!

Yeah, I was more referring to the Plum and Acacia that is currently drying, kindly donated by @Amit_Kohli and @Ben_Mahon

The oak was an old plank that I chopped up but it’s blunting my tools too quickly right now and I think I need to practice on some softer stuff until I get better technique.

Aluminium is fine for now too, I was thinking that brass or copper could also look good, don’t think I’ll delve into gold/silver/platinum just yet!!! :crazy_face: