Free Digital (+other) online courses

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Open university is offering a large range of free courses covering all subjects here goes live tomorrow, Tuesday …and includes:

  1. "The Open University is providing courses on basic maths and how to write computer code
  2. Futurelearn is offering courses in digital skills and producing online content
  3. Google has a course in digital marketing
  4. Digital-inclusion charity the Good Things Foundation has resources to help people get started online

## The next step – seven Moocs to expand your mind

Learning How to Learn
McMaster University, University of California San Diego, via Coursera
With more than 2 million enrolments, this short course is a natural place to start your journey, offering the mental tools for you to master any new subject.

From the Big Bang to Dark Energy
University of Tokyo, via Coursera
Physicist Hitoshi Murayama examines the biggest question of all – the origins of the universe.

Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking
Harvard University, via edX
Professor James Engell will help you to polish your communication skills in this eight-week course.

Science and Cooking
Harvard University, via edX
Physicists, chemists and restaurant chefs explore the transformation of food in the kitchen.

An Introduction to Screenwriting
University of East Anglia, via FutureLearn
If your mind is fizzing with inspiration for a Netflix mini-series, this course – from UEA’s prestigious creative writing programme – will help you translate it to the screen.

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
Stanford University, via Coursera
Not for the fainthearted but more than 200,000 learners have taken this journey through the basics of mathematical logic and proof.

Buddhism and Modern Psychology
Princeton University, via Coursera
Bestselling author Robert Wright examines what modern psychology can learn from ancient teachings.


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