Free 49” TV with broken backlight

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Hi! I have a 49” Hisense TV that is 3 years old and the backlight has gone out (I suspect one of the boards has gone). I’m sure someone handy could fix it, but I’m in the middle of renovating/moving house and don’t have time or space.

I’d rather not put it in the bin, so I’m offering it up for free if someone can pick it up in SW17 by about noon on October 31. Happy to donate to the space too. Of course, if someone wants to throw in a few quid or an unwanted tool, I wouldn’t say no. Please let me know if interested ASAP.

I’m interested! But does it have a stand?

Hi Roy, it does have the stand it came with (2 feet)

@reedhauser that’s great and the remote and tv does work still? Would you mind taken some pic as I’m trying to convince my girl. thanks Roy

Hi Roy, yes, it has the remote. The backlight is not working so there is a problem with one of the boards or the LEDs I think, but no physical damage.


Hey @reedhauser you mind if we come round have a look, will you be free in an hour, we’re just on the road also do you have any bubble wrap?