Forgotten usb and weblogin

Accidentally left usb in laser cutter machine and web login on browser. If anyone is still at the space could you please log me out and place the usb somewhere safe.

Hey man. I logged you out and put away your sheet but don’t remember seeing any USB… It might still be in the machine?

I see tonight that there’s a USB near the 3dprinter, a white “integral” brand if that’s the one.

There is a USB stick on the desk by the laser cutter, I assume it must be yours?

Recall its black with a light that switches on when its plugged in.

I wouldn’t know as I didn’t plug it in, but yes it was black with metal sort of clip and was a bit gummed up around the hinge part, I’m fairly sure it must be yours, can you not drop by and pick it up if it is yours?

I’ll be there again tonight for woodshop inductions so I’ll see if it is there and maybe take a photo…