For Electronics Enthusiasts!

Hey makers!

If you are stuck at home and not making as much as you would like, already seen everything on Netflix… this is for you!

A 3 1/2 hour detailed radio restoration! That somehow doesn’t get boring- the guy is an electro-genius!



I actually watched it :slight_smile:

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Pretty good, right! The guy is thorough and knows his tubes!!

Enjoying this - thank you.
I am watching it, half way through, very daunting when he clips a bunch of wires and says casually, I’ll be replacing those. Just recalling how to put it back together!
I guess experience and practice shows.

So far not a lot of electronics… and his specialist cleaner for the gears - Vim!
Not like the Repair Shop with the mysterious clock cleaning fluid.

I watched this too! Fascinating stuff

Have an old HMV receiver (radio to us) that’s been a renovation job I’ve been meaning to tackle for years…might actually get on with it…

EDIT - turns out I was only half way through this one… there’s another brilliant one I watched before (will look for it). I do tend to up the speed on these videos, does everyone?

And do I need to make one of his cap testing machines?

Seems like the cap tester might be an excellent addition to the Makerspace electronic bench.