Folding dining chairs

I want to make two chairs like this from walnut. Not quite sure where to start - any tips welcome! I’m not sure how to shape the wood into the long slightly curved pieces for the back. I think I’ll go look at them in the shop to inspect the undersides and figure out how the upholstery is attached and what frame structure is underneath it.

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I am no expert at woodworking and just starting but for the curves I guess you would use the band saw or a hand saw to have more flexibility.

Have a look here, this might help with the design and mechanism:

It looks like the upholstered parts are sewing closed in itself and possibly tied to around the seat and back or with some other fastening attached. Advantage or that would be that you could easily remove it and wash if needed.

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Thanks Julia!

if you find the method please share here, been wondering how to create curved sections.

Coincidentally, Mattias Wandel just did a video on heat-bending wood in a domestic oven, for curved chair backs!

Although the chair in the link looks cut from a solid piece, rather than bent.


I just saw this video in my YouTube feed as well :grinning:

We have a steam box in the Space that some members made…don’t know much more than that…