Fob not working

I tried to get in today at 5.30 but couldn’t get in, someone was working at the back table but didn’t hear the bell… Did anything change with your system? I seem to remember my fob worked last time. I’ve been a member since Nov and am rarely down as I’m pretty busy with uni, but I would like to create a regular routine on tuesdays.

You could try logging in here: and check to see when your membership is due to expire looking at your Discourse profile it says you aren’t a member at present so it is possible the membership has lapsed for some reason.

@directors ^

Hi Panja,

Your fob doesn’t appear to be registered – you can do this (possibly again?) from the membership kiosk by the kitchen

To fix the Discourse issue: log into your membership account, click the ‘Discourse’ button and follow the instructions

Guide to Enroll a tag

Guide to link your Discourse account

so, I’m not a member yet pay the monthly fee for about now 4 months??

My membership hasn’t lapsed - it says “still active”.
I will try and come by again tmrw to register again. Hopefully I’ll manage to get in this time…

Yes you’re a member – just that your fob hasn’t been registered

I did register my fob before with Petra and it was definitely working, but will try again tmrw

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