Floating Corner Shelves

As part of some DIY work I’ve been doing moving the kitchen counter in my place making the living room larger I’ve been wanting to add some corner shelves that will attach to the wall-mounted cupboard in the kitchen area.

Getting some American Oak from Fulham Timber and a lot of help and advice designing the shelves from the community I got started.

The planks as they were provided:

Cut into shorter planks:

After havingdecided how the grain will look once jointed and creating the loose tongue and groove:

Allowing the glue to set:

Using a lasercut jig to sketch out the perfect radius curve I was looking for:

Rough cut on the bandsaw to remove excess wood:

Cleaning edge with the router:

Second pass on all edges top/bottom with an ogee router bit (wish I had taken a photo of the actual process):

End result of gentle rounded edge on all three shelves:

I still need to cut out the final groove for the internal brackets as well as to drill out a hole in the inner corner of the shelves to pass wires through. And then the only thing that’s remaining is to oil the wood and mount them!

Many thanks to @Jonty_Bottomley and @Giles for your help with tools that I needed to use but haven’t yet been inducted on.


The wood looks really nice and the final routed curve perfect.


Looking good!!

Lovely work, need to up my game, the inductees are putting me to shame :wink:

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Looking very nice. Quite a few techniques involved.