Fixing Factories - my blogpost about our first trainees

Some of you may know, but after decades of being freelance someone went and gave me a full time job: working on the experimental Fixing Factories project, and in particular Camden Fixing Factory – a local community repair hub

We see training a new generation of maintainers and fixers as a key step in tacking the huge and accelerating challenge of e-waste from consumer goods, and yet there’s very little activity in this area…

As part of the Fixing Factories pilot scheme we’ve given 11 ‘hard to reach’ young people from Camden and Brent the chance to get a taste of (and as it turns out a taste for) computer fault diagnosis and repair with our inaugural training and work experience programme: an unconventional course that you might call ‘education for those outside education’

I had the opportunity to visit the trainees during their first week and decided to write a snapshot of what I saw - click the link to read on…


Good read! And while i hope that you get your reward out of this too, i take my hat off for what you’re doing to the community.

At the MS we like building and fixing, but it’s the human interaction that spreads the passion.

Thanks for sharing!

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Hey @Clem thanks for reading it

Yes, human interaction and community are what really make these ventures successful

Very well written. This is wonderful, Dermot. Sounds like such an incredible program, and it’s doing such important work!

Have you seen the exhibit Eternally Yours at Somerset House? I love so much of what it has to say on the ethos and importance of repair.

So glad you are part of training up a new generation for that!

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Yes, thought Eternally Yours was excellent

Made a low quality ‘reel’ about it

Camden Fixing Factory shared a post on Instagram: "We visited #BeasleyBrothersRepairs at Somerset House


you never cease to do wonderful things Dermot, you rock mate.

what a great project


Are you electronoob from the Headfi boards?

Well done Dermot this is excellent!!! As you know I’m in North London so it’s up nearer my ends, I might pop in one day.

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