Fixing clothes - sewing project 1

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Bringing this back to life

Hi there, I learned how to use the sewing machines with Tracy from the ceramic apron workshop, I want to get my hand on some of my broken clothes and try to fix them, would I be able to use the sewing machines at some point this week?

Anyone want to join me trying to repair some clothes? I am thinking about 24 Nov Friday - 26 Nov Sunday

Not sure I can this week but sure would love to learn how to mend clothes…

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Hi! I’ll be in the space Wednesday afternoon / early evening. I’m happy to help out where I can - although I’m not an expert at repairs.
I will try not to dampen enthusiasm by saying I find repairing clothes actually more difficult than making them! :laughing:

It’s also something we can do at the Craft & Textiles Social on Thursday 12th (blatent plug!)


Thanks Tracy! I will come on Wednesday too

Hi Pedro, I am sure I will need to repair some more stuff in the next few weeks!

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Bringing this back to life, I will try to learn how to fix some clothes 25 - 27 Nov whilst trying to learn some woodwork, please feel free to join!

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Not sure I’ll be able to pass by but will let you know =)

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