First woodworking project - Cheeseboard

(David Santoro) #1

Check this out:

Things I’d like help with in future:

  • How do I make neat and consistent rounded corners? I’ve used the belt sander for corners and to flatten the board
  • Am I allowed to use the Planer thicknesser @woodtechs or does it require special permissions? It looks super easy according to youtube?

(EdwardBilson) #2

Hi David,

Neat corners can be achieved with a router - a woodtech would be happy to help with this.

The planer thicknesser should only be used with a woodtech - it’s actually a very dangerous tool, particularly older ones like ours.
The bigger problem you have here is that I beleive ours is still out of commission (another problem with having an older machine).

@Jonty_Bottomley may be able to give an update, as I’m not going to be down there for a couple of weeks I’m afraid.

(David Santoro) #3

I’m intrigued now. How dangerous? does it shoot chopping board violently at you?

(EdwardBilson) #4

Principle risk is loss of fingers/hands via planer blades. The thicknesser is safer but still has an entrapment risk… And yes, the planer can kickback and launch things at you if in extreme cases.

I appreciate YouTube makes it look simple, but it’s not the case!

(David Santoro) #5

Woodworking is a scary hobby! Worth it though!