First time using the 3d printer, would appreciate a helping hand

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Hi, I’m trying to make a 3d printed case to house a little raspberry pi thingy I have going. It’s programmed to detect our cat using image recognition and send us pictures when detected throughout the day.

So naturally the casing is going to be cat shaped, with the camera going in the eye hole (see the attached high tech blueprints!)

Top Secret Blueprints

I just completed the 3d printing induction last week and have never even downloaded a .stl or run a 3d printer. I have found a cat head thingy on thingiverse that I think will suit my purposes, but will probably have to be scaled to correctly seat my camera, etc. I could probably try it on my own but I just wanted to ask around for people who (a) have experience 3d printing, (b) would be at the shop soon and (c) wouldn’t mind if I swung by around the same time and annoyed them for help.

It would be much appreciated!!


Ill do anything for cats! while I’ve not used the maker space printers just mine at home but should be strait forwards enough, if none can assist before Wednesday, Ill have a go at helping out :slight_smile: Ill be there from around 3 to late

Thank you so much! I’m not 100% sure whether I can make it on Wednesday but if I do, I’ll look out for you!

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