First laser cutter project

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This one is for @Brendon_Hatcher.

I have a project of a piece of “furniture” that has some fans in the back. I wanted to cover it with a grille, so the whole thing extends to the wall. Igot a simple project drawn up in Fusion 360, saved as an SVG and got it laser cut.

Happy how it turned out and especially how quick and easy it was to get it going after my induction. Cheers to @Brendon_Hatcher


Looks great!

Did you export the Fusion360 sketch to SVG, or did you develop a full 3D model and then export the SVG from the extrusion plane?

I exported the sketch but struggled to convert it to SVG from the autodesk format. I used an online converter which was… OK.

However, I’ve since found this plugin:

Which worked really well! I want to do a second run (if the plywood is still there…) with more rounded corners.

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Alternatively, importing it into InkScape and saving it as SVG worked well as well.

I like the tringular pattern, good for a first project. Minor criticism, the holes seems a bit too large to block small things falling through and thin segments seem a bit weak, but maybe it could be just my impression.
Dxf works fine and preserves the size.

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I just want to know how embarrassing the books are to need to turn them around so we cannot read the titles


hahahahha xD you’ll need to ask my partner. It’s an aesthetic choice I think she regrets


Small things shouldn’t be a worrry, the thing segments are enough with two layers to stop books (tested IRL =P)