First Aid & Accident Reporting


In the case of an incident in the space, if a first aider is present they should take charge if possible of the situation, the first aid kit are stored above the entrance door at present, in future one will be provided in each room on the wall.

No first aider

If no first aider is present do your best to help the person, but first seek appropriate medical assistance, minor injuries may be within your ability, major injuries should be referred immediately to the emergency services.

Accidents whilst working alone

In the unlikely event you break the rules of the space and have a major injury on a tool whilst lone working, you are advised to get out of the space and seek help from a neighbour or passer-by in Norwood Road, do not attempt to treat yourself alone, or contact the emergency services alone, seek help first, then contact the emergency services. If your injury prevents you from exiting the space then calling the emergency services is your second best bet.

Remember raising major bleeds above your shoulder (or heart) and applying pressure is the best way to reduce blood loss.

Accident reporting

All incidents taking place whilst at Makerspace should be reported by yourself or the first aider helping you, in the Accident Book, and then shared (take a photo) with the Trustees.

After a serious accident

After a serious accident has been dealt with by the emergency services, or you are no longer required to help, please contact the trustees via their emergency contact details