Fire alarm fault

I have done a complete fault finding on the fire alarm system.
One of the sounder bases has water damage, see pictures.

Can @directors order a replacement asap please.

The fault will remain on the control panel until this is replaced, however the working of the fire alarm is not compromised as it is a loop system that is fed from both sides.

Also does anyone know where the laptops are that were in the space. As one of them was used for programming the system


Hold on the ordering of this, let me bench test the faulty unit first

The laptops are in a box in the snug - I believe it’s a clear plastic box on the bottom shelf of the shelves

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Thanks @lewisss!

Let me know… Not sure if it is related, but there is a leak that has been there since January:

Still not fixed as far as I know…

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This is at the front above the table saw, there was a leak here but that has now been fixed


Tested the unit and it is faulty can you order one @asander1, and let me know when it is in and I can recommission the system.

As I said, the system will be operational and working (but only one direction as opposed to bidirectional as it should be)
The fault will still show on the control panel

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Should we order more than 1 incase something like this happens again? Then we won’t need to wait for a replacement before fixing it.

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I don’t think that is necessary, as next time it could be a detector.
Water damage caused the issue and that was fixed in that area, so very unlikely that it will happen again.

Ordered! Cheers

Fire alarm by laser.

My fault, I forgot to put those back on!

All four call points may be off, if someone can go round and check they just push on and lift up to lock them in place.

Only 24v dc on the cables so no danger. Back in tomorrow

I’m still here and can do that - or at least give it a go. Didn’t want to do anything not knowing what should be done.

All four located and face plates fixed back in place.



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We currently have a “Loop integrity Fault on Loop 1”

With a flashing General fault light flashing.

I know the fire alarm works as some smouldering set it off a few minutes ago


I think that is the fault Mark ordered the part to fix.

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It is , @asander1 has ordered it, hopefully it is in by tomorrow so I can fit and commission.


Came today! Will leave with your name on it in the mail inbox by social area…

Will be in about 1pm tomorrow to install


I should be around about 2ish if you would like a hand

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