Festool router 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch collet?

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Does the Festool router have a 1/4 inch collet, or 1/2 inch, or both.


Does it have a template guide like these?

Not yet, do you have something in particular you need bushes for?

Some square holes in my PC case. I usually make a perspex template on the laser cutter with larger hole size adjusted for the router bushing. So I need to know what the bushing adds to the hole size so I can design the perspex template. I have a bushing for my own router, but was curious whether they will be provided for the new Festool router. I’m a great believer in the router template bushing :grinning:

It does come with a 30mm bushing, or make the template the same size and use a bearing guided cutter