Extra kit Im offering to loan the SLMS village at EMFCamp

(Gordon Endersby) #1

Ive split this off to a separate thread so I can keep track of whats wanted out of the extra kit ive offered to bring along and loan the SLMS village.

If anything listed here would be of use Ill put it in the back of my land rover and bring it along on Friday morning. Cutoff is Thursday afternoon as I need to pack the vehicle that day.

Large folding table. 6ft long heavy duty. ********Requested by KylieJudd in previous thread
Small folding camp dining table and 4 folding chairs.
Camp fridge, Gas powered approx 30 litres. Including gas.
Camp stove, 2 burner including gas.
Camp cooker kitchen stand/cupboard.
Kitchen kit, pots, pans, frying pan, spatulas, washing up bowls.

Are we short of any other camping kit?
Ive got other bits and pieces just ask.

Soldering station and soldering stuff, hot air rework, electronics stuff, tools, scope.
Assortment of arduino, esp8266, raspi and other components. Passives, led displays and sensors.
Is there anything like this we need?

Couple of extra solar panels for the village installation, 1 small car top up type, 1 larger I think 20w. Will want them back.

Is it worth bringing along a 3d printer with UPS ? *********possibly requested KylieJudd in previous thread
It would be my old and reliable Prusa2 that seems to travel well and just keep working.
I have a dunny tent and table that it can be housed in to keep the dirt and draughts out.
Maybe cad up a badge case, release the design and print it?

I think the woodturning lathe maybe a bit over the top so wont be bringing that.
Comment below and Ill mark them off in this message so I dont forget to bring them.

(Dermot Jones) #2

Electronics/MCU stuff would be a bonus…who knows what the installation will incorporate? Sensors/actuators…

Up to you with cooking stuff…we can go as far with that as people are willing - but we’ve only promised a breakfast club with cereals and porridge.

PV panels… we’ll have to make it very clear they’re yours!

(adamjpage) #3

Anyone want to borrow a basic voice&text mobile phone for the camp GSM?

(Gordon Endersby) #4

I’ll bring tools and soldering, general electronics bits then.
I’ve thrown in a few servos, mouldable plastic, gaffer tape, cable ties and bits and pieces.

I’ve also got a pi juice, raspberry pi shield with lipo that can be attached to a solar panel. Might be useful for the instalation project.

I’ll not bother with cooking stuff then.
I will bring the large table as work surface.

I’m bringing my fridge anyway.
Can’t camp without cold drinks.
I’ll keep it at my tent. If anybody wants to put something in it they’re welcome to.