Engraving notebook covers - material safety

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I was planning to engrave some notebooks of mine, but then realised that the fabric cover probably has some sort of glue on it binding it to the cardboard behind it. Has anyone done this before and can give some guidance on whether this is safe? (@lasertechs)

Can you research what mateual is it? Cannot contain chloride.

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ve reached out to them, in the meantime I decided to just make a stencil from acrylic and just spray-paint the notebooks :slight_smile:


This and my previous uncertainty with cutting mylar made me think, has anyone here ever done some testing of materials to check for chlorine? This tutorial makes it sound pretty easy, but I’m sure it’s tricker than it sounds: http://www.makeitlabs.com/blog/test-early-test-often-laser-materials-safety-intro.

That’s pretty cool, worth expanding on the materials info. I’d be down for running a few tests on some offcuts.

Brilliant, when shall we do this? I’m free next Thursday, early Saturday, or Sunday.

Do we have a torch at the space? I can bring some samples (mylar, the notebooks I wanted to engrave, PVC pipe as a control)

The manufacturer couldn’t tell me what the cover is made out of other than “cloth” :smiley: So if we can do some testing that’d definitely be amazing!

Okay. I can come to MS on Thursday and weekend evenings.