Ender 3 v2 Calibration Help

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Hey so i have 2x ender 3 v2’s and I feel like i’m doing something wrong with them i’ve been tinkering with them for months and still can’t seem to get proper bed adhesion and other things.

I was wondering if somebody has more experience and they would be willing to spend some time with me to help me calibrate it.

it’s got a microswiss direct drive, and upgraded fan shroud with 2x 5015 coolers, also silent fans upgrade. I also upgraded the firmware (it’s not the latest marlin but it’s above 2.0)

I also don’t have linear advance active but i wanted to enable this feature. I just feel i’ve been at this for so long i’m missing things and another pair of eyes/brain would really help me.

Let me know if anybody has any availability. Thank you.

Hi Christian.

I noticed in the clean room that 3d print users have a “Pritt” stick, a glue stick that they use to enhance bed adhesion. Hope this helps.

How is your first layer?
What material are you using for the bed?
What filement are you using and what temperatures are you using?

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Hey i wanted to bring it in maybe on electronics night but this week my work has scheduled something for the afternoon and i don’t think i’ll make it there until 8pm if i manage to get there at all.

The first layer looks excellent, it’s just it doesn’t stick i can only make small parts, any more than 2 and they just don’t stick.

Glass bed
Esun PLA +,
205 /55 on first layer 215 after first layer.

speed is 20mm on first layer, 90mm after. Like i said if i do one piece, everything looks fine.

I only asked the question cause i want to bring it in and maybe debug it live.-ish

I’m happy to have a look at it at the space but I can tell you straight away that glass it’s kinda old as a surface, besto solution are:

  • Kapton tape on the surface or PEI
  • glue stick, but that’s usually a mess.

Dimafiix spray works the best imo they now do a stick but never tried it

With the glass bed, don’t forget to clean it between uses if it’s been a bit. Wiping it down with some water and some alcohol removes a lot of dust and small particles that can prevent good adhesion.

That was my main problem with my ender3v2. The heated glass bed gives you a lot of stick and I don’t need glue or sprays unless sometimes if I was printing something that took up a very large percentage of the print bed.

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Same with the ultimaker, I never use glue, only rafts

I have never used glue either, I clean it in between.

But i just feel i’m calibrating something wrong either that or it’s something mechanical issue i’m not noticing.

Thx for all the replies. I’ll try and get to the space Thursday :smiley:

I’ll try and get a PEI sheet as well. And i’ll try using a different slicer.

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Try to lower your first layer too!