EMF Tentology

(Tom Lynch) #1

@emf Do we want a tent provided, should this be something we pledge 50/50 with the space?

Currently we have five tent sizes available:
6m x 9m : £489.50
6m x 6m : £402.50
3m x 9m : £315.00
3m x 6m : £227.50
3m x 3m : £140

Chairs : £1.32
Table: £5.64

(electrotech) #2

I’m happy to pledge something towards this.

(Dean Forbes) #3

as a side note if anyone has spare tickets or finds they can not go I would like to take the ticket

I have mates from a German Hackspace coming over and would like to meet up with them

It goes with out saying if I got a ticket I would chip in for the tent

(Kylie Judd) #4

We currently we have -
gazebo w. walls from @tomnewsom
but if the emf rental one covers any damages it might be worth it.

chairs and tables would be handy.

(Tom Lynch) #5

The tents from EMF are event grade, if they collapse then the situation is dire.

(Kylie Judd) #6

So the last day to hire this stuff is next Saturday should we resurrect this discussion?


Based on the current run of good weather and the fact we probably won’t be hosting in events (apart from breakfasts etc) we may get away with Toms gazebo.
I would think the table and chair hire is a good shout as the price is trivial.

maybe two-three tables and a dozen or so chairs?

(Dermot Jones) #7

Looks like deadline was midnight last night

(Kylie Judd) #8

doh I thought the 29th was the dead line but the url from above (when it was available) said next week :frowning: