EMF Cancelled

I’ve been waiting all day to talk about this.

I’m really upset not sure about others, I know it was inevitable but it’s one of the few times a year to really be at peace and in your element.

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:cry: maybe later in the year the emf pulse events will come back.

Really feel for the volunteers who’ve put hundreds of hours of work and though and imagination and care into this over the last year

Must be heartbreaking

We’re really sad about this too, having only just managed to get tickets in the last round of sales.
I’m involved in the organisation of another festival in Europe (Nowhere; an offshoot of Burning Man) and the decision has also been made to cancel that for this year. This was also announced yesterday - so a double-whammy of disappointment!
What I can promise you is that the decision won’t have been made lightly, and there are lots of things that need to be considered - including liaising with local authorities, vendors, sites, suppliers, lawyers, insurance companies and more.
One of the reasons that these decisions are being made now, rather than later, is because the later you leave it then the riskier it gets to cancel. It might seem like July / August is in the far distance, and surely things will be better by then? The truth is no-one knows, and by delaying then it increases the risk of funding being locked in to contracts and more difficult to return funds to punters. No-one wants these organisations to go broke, after all!
When we’re allowed out into public to play once again, perhaps it would be nice to run an event ourselves this summer, with a much lower-risk approach. We already have some space, after all - and more space opening up gradually. We could engage with EMF on a pulse thing?

We were planning to run South London Maker Festival again (in May) but held fire on announcing it because of the possible looming threat of COVID-19

We’ll look at reinstating that later in the year

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