EMF 2022 Workshop Planning

Thread to discuss EMF workshop planning

I’ve created this thread to plan workshops that members of the space are working on to avoid spamming the main EMF thread.

Two workshops I’m working on at the moment.

Building mathematical structures with modular origami

Description: Work together to build amazing shapes.

Create core units and combine them into a range of different shapes. Explore the range of shapes you can create. Discover what is possible, what isn’t and why.

Additionally: Bring your old train tickets or cards. Learn to turn them into cubes that you can keep or add to our growing Menger sponge.

Designing for the Laser Cutter

Description: Learn the basics of how to design for the laser cutter. Deciding on engraving vs cutting. Considerations when creating 3D objects.

During the workshop you will create a design to engrave your name, engrave a picture and learn how to create basic boxes.

Learn a few tips and tricks - contrast for engraving, converting to vectors for cutting, cuts to allow you to curve wood, locking mechanisms.