Emf 2020 - cancelled

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Electromagnetic Field 2020 will be held on 24—26 July 2020 at Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Ledbury.

Tickets are not on sale yet but signed up and keep up to date!


I need to build something to keep the campervan leveled this time around…

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We’ll probably be keen to come for a post-londexit catch up with the space!

Details about tickets:

TL;DR - Only marginal increase in ticket numbers. If you’ve contributed to EMF in someway previously you’ll be assured of a ticket this year, then at least three batchest after February. Pricing £140 per person no early bird this year.

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Thanks for reminder, will be my first time attending if I manage to bag a ticket.

I’ve got an email from EMF allowing me to buy a ticket before general sale. Did anyone else get this? Who’s going to EMF 2020

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oh yeah I got one too, I will get my ticket now as its easy to return later if needed.

I am going to buy mine now, anyone need a ticket before I do?

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hey, would be nice if we can get 2 adults and 1 kid, I guess we can add the campervan later?

You can book all those right now

“This link is valid for one purchase of up to two adult tickets and any number of under-18 or under-12 tickets.”

EDIT: I was assuming you had a voucher…worth checking the usual folders

I couldn’t book all of those unfortunately as I am limited to two tickets and need one myself. I’ve gone ahead with just mine.

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That’s ok, thanks for trying :slightly_smiling_face:

I got my ticket. Looking forward to it :smiley:

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Ahh clearly I wasn’t contributy enough last time as I don’t have an early ticket offer. However I’m replying here to make sure I get follow-ups to this thread and hence know about activity!
I’d be up for doing something there with others from SMLC next year too!

It’s likely they’ve overlooked you, what did you do last time?

Nah, they didn’t overlook me - I was a late attendee last time, and it was my first time at the rodeo so I had aow key approach.
I do attend Nowhere (burning Man offshoot in Spain) on a regular basis, and I run the what/where/when guide. (Inevitably a gargantuan task!)
I also run a camp there with a few friends, and am responsible for the catering for the week amongst other things. So I DO know how to contribute, honest guv! :grin:

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Hopefully you’ll get to come along this time.

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Hey guys, I should hopefully be going. Em O’Sullivan of of Build Brighton is going to get me a ticket cuz of their talk last year. So we will both be there!


Tickets go on sale on wed!

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So, did anyone got the tickets?