Embroidery Machine Faults

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We spent a good few hours with the Brother machine today & noted a few things whilst using:

  • the automatic threader sticks in an in-turned position, obstructing the travel of the needle arm. This can be clicked back into place but it looks like there is a torsion spring that has come loose
  • the needle dislodged from the holder multiple times throughout our use, whilst tightened well, on a low tension with a low weight fabric - i’m wondering if the tip of the locking screw might just need a little roughing up to increase the friction between it and the needle shaft?
  • the bobbin carriage is not rotating freely all the time, meaning the lower thread isn’t always pulled up when threading, and at one point was actually obstructing the needle in its lowest position

TLDR - I think the machine may need a little TLC as everything was working nice and smoothly a few months ago. I’m very happy to give it a bit more time to try to get it back in ship-shape but this would be learning on the job so am a bit apprehensive with an expensive bit of kit!



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Hi Felix
Thanks for letting us know - the machine has just come back from a service.
I’ll pop into the space on the weekend to see what’s going on.

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The machine seems to be working fine - however the needle threader is damaged, I will do some research to repair it, but the machine works if you manually thread.


Brill thanks Martyn, I think the automatic threader was stuck & obstructing the needle travel so I might just leave a post it on it to say needs to be manually threaded.

Hiya @Martyn_Thomas do we need anything to fix this? (if you got a chance to check!)

Machine is fine - but needle thread is still broken - not had chance to get at it with a screwdriver and youtube to see how fixable it is

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Cool, sounds good, let me know if we need parts…

I used the machine again last week and there’s definitely a damaged torsion spring as part of the automatic threader assembly.

Was also still have problems with the needle holder - we were doing repeated runs so this might be something that is only apparent after running the machine for a little while. Essentially the needle will just slip out even when tightened to max finger tightness with the locking screw. Perhaps needs a bit of roughing up so it can get better purchase on the needle shank?