Electronics - PCB design

(James Worcester) #1

Im looking to design a pcb distribute power to 6 LEDs. I know its super simple but id like to have a tidy looking board for this. Does anyone have any experience in PCB design as id like to learn for future projects?

If you wouldn’t mind spending some time with me to show me the ropes…

(joeatkin2) #2

Yes i will be happy to help

(Mike Kelly) #3

I would be interested to sit in. I have made one board in Eagle but have been meaning to redo it in KiCad.

(joeatkin2) #4

I use easy pc

But they are all kinda the same

(James Worcester) #5

I’d really appreciate this. I’m an absolute beginner in terms of pcb fabrication. I could do what I want with wires but would love to learn something new.

If there’s much more interest how’d you feel putting on a small workshop maybe covering the fundamentals over an hour or so?

(joeatkin2) #6

Have been threatening to do a pcb workshop for some time.

So ok but you are helping

(James Worcester) #7

I’ll help in terms of turning up and helping organise things, as for subject knowledge that’s all on you I’m afraid…

I’d really love for this to be held… I’m working on a multi rotor drone and orientation leds is something that slipped my mind. It’d be perfect for this to be held so I can get everything tidy first time (or that’s the plan) for a power distribution board.

(joeatkin2) #8

We need a few bits and bobs so we will need to do a few things

Back this weekend so pm me Friday an we can meet up and figer it out

(mark broughton) #9

if you are shure the circuit works then start making the tracks its easier
to use jumper wires in places whare the tracks cant pass
keep this topic going