Electronics night suspended until the end of september!

I’m going to suspend the electronics nights until the end of septerber!

See you soon! I’m off to italy!


Enjoy the holidays!

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Have fun!!

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Sorry to reply with separate topic…

I’m desperate to speak to somebody about joining SLMS and getting into woodworking…

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Apologies again.


@directors whats the deal with adding new members? Seems like we should be able to now…


We’ve very low capacity to induct members in the woodshop right now…but people are working on it, until we can do that it’s not really fair to bring in new members who want to use the woodshop

Hello Dermot,

Does it help if I’ve had woodshop inductions in the past?

I’ve used machinery for woodwork projects at London Met Uni, and Plymouth Uni before that.



Yes, if you’re experienced that’s a big help!

Mark (@lewisss) is leading on reopening the woodshop