Electronics Night - 11/01/24 - LEDS!

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For this weeks Electronics night we will be looking at LEDs

What they are
How to use them
What you can do with them
Different forms

I’ve got some individually addressable strip leds that can create some cool effects … might have some fibreoptic cable…

If you’ve done something cool with LEDs (or any other optical devices) you wanna show off - bring em
If you want to learn how to create awesome optical effects using electronics - come and join us

See You Thursday
Laura Barlow


That sounds great
I’ll try and come

That sounds great. Would there be an opportunity to practice some soldering too?

I look forward to attending
Kind regards,

Well we have solder and soldering irons …

Great I’ll be there

I’m here. Looking forward to seeing you all

You have left your citizen card @3lect2on
It is on the wooden drawers near the key fobs

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Thanks for an interesting evening
Looking forward to the next one.

Incredibly grateful for this message Laura; I was able to double back to collect it. Thank you sincerely.

I would also like to sincerely thank those that helped me practice my soldering skills, show me their techniques, and give me feedback. It was truly a great evening.

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Laura have you played about with EL panels? Or El tape? I am extremely interested in them.

The knowledge of the existence of EL panels - have just solved a problem I have been pondering

So no - but I’m gonna be sometime this year - thank you

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