Electronics components and sundries to donate

Hi, recently become a member but not yet inducted. I have a bunch of components that I don’t really need and are taking up space - I’m not doing much with electronics right now.

These include things like

  • capacitors
  • resistors
  • heat shrink
  • jumper cables
  • breadboards
  • SOC microcontrollers (ESPxx)
  • arduino nano
  • sensors
  • LEDs

A lot are cheap components but there’s a lot there to get others going with some basic IoT projects, I’d also be happy to help out with others with my limited experience.


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Maybe bring along to electronics night tomorrow? @electrotechs?

Remember you don’t need an induction for electronics or textiles!


Thanks. I have a work clash tomorrow but will attend the next time I’m free.

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Hey Milo!

Welcome to the SLMS!

We would be absolutely delighted if you want to donate your extra electronics to the space !

Me and @Laura_Barlow runs the electronic nights, come and join us whenever you want :slight_smile: