Electronics, Coding and Tinkering night - Thursday 17th May

(Paul Court) #1

Thursday is our regular Electronics, Coding and Tinkering night, who’s about ? I’ll be there from ~7:45 dependant on work.

We should have a couple of visitors too so looking like a fun night already.
Will probably bring a couple of the robots to play with. it was only at the Arduino Day that I realised 2 out of 4 had issues and the orange segway style one could do with some repairs too (the face de-laminated after the ~50th crash :frowning: ). Think they all needs some SLMS love !

Courty and the @electrotechs

(Andrea Campanella) #2

You need rubber arund it.

(Paul Court) #3

or not let a bunch of 8 year old’s drive it for an hour :wink:


(Andrea Campanella) #4

Yes :sweat_smile::roll_eyes: