Electronics and Programming night 14/06/18

(Paul Court) #1

Who’s about tonight ? Got a couple of projects to look at including one of my weather stations that got hit by a ball and is now sporting a 2 armed anemometer and a non-charging battery :frowning:

Courty and the @electrotechs

(Andrea Campanella) #2

I’m not going to be able to, I’ve been staring at the compiler crashing too much today…

(Gilbert Townshend) #3

Can’t make it tonight but I’m in sore need of some 555 timer help, some neopixel programming wizardry and a bit of ‘how to make a case to put things in’ advice. Any ideas for homework for next week?

(Paul Court) #4

in most cases a 555 is more expensive than a small Arduino Nano… have a play with Inkscape cad software for the boxes. threres some good addins for making the joints too