Eggplant Parm sub



Oh Amit!!



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I’m planning on making an aubergine parm sandwich…tonight. Will keep this thread posted.



one of the top bun halves melted off with the mozzarella, “oh noo”
(the soup is squash and my hand slipped when adding the scotch bonnet…)


Oooooooh Well done!!! Got good proper Italian bread too! What did you think of it?

And extra spice in that soup??? My type of soup!


Loved it, have leftover marinara sauce and some aubergine schnitzels for breakfast.
Thanks for recommendation, I will make it again…and again!

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Great! How did you do the breading? I did mine 3 step… flour, egg wash, panko crumbs. And the cheeses I used were buffalo mozz and Parm. I screwed up and put parm in the middle of mine, which made mine slide off too!!! That’s what you get when u go for too much cheese.

Not light on the calories but DAMN does this hit the spot.

I’m over the moon that you liked it!!!

flour with garlic powder, egg wash, then I crumbled carrs water crackers

cheeses: mozzarella(i got the one in a block, is that cheating.?) and parm , the bread sled on mozzarella, I held myself back on parmesano I guess!

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Not cheating at all! In fact it might be better in this capacity. I’ll have to try again with your method. Good call on the garlic salt… I was going to put oregano in the panko but then forgot

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Garlic powder, it’s ground dried garlic. Parmesano salty enough imho. Oh, good call on oregano. Next time!

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