E-Bikes Meet up?

(Paul Court) #1

Just a thought - i’ve finally got my e-bike going (been an ongoing project for >1 year!) but was wondering if any other members would be interested it a meet up/natter… I know there is some interest in e-bikes and Ive seen an e-scooter in the space. Anyone fancy comparing bikes/notes over a coffee ?


(Oli Passey) #2

Sounds good to me!

What are you riding?
I converted an old GT Arrowhead with a Bafang BB02b.

(Dean Forbes) #3

anyone know what is the current position on legality is …i.e according to the road traffic act etc … are they permitted on a public highway, on the pavement what are the restrictions and insurance implications ?

(david) #4

Electric bicycles are not permitted on pavements because bicycles are not permitted on pavements.
To be classified as an ebike or pedelec and go anywhere a bicycle can go the power must not exceed 250W andthe motor must not provide assistance over 15.5mph (25kph). The rider must be over 14. It can have a full throttle if bought before 2016. If after the throttle must stop assisting without pedalling at 6kph. Exceed these and the bike is private road or off-road only.
Electric scooters are not allowed anywhere.

(Paul Court) #5

Mine is a Saracen hard tail and I’ve used a few bits but the motor-wheel/esc is a Voilmart 1500w kit. Battery is a 54v 13,000mah. Got a power analyser/logger in circuit too so I can see what the system is doing.
I have a combination of twist throttle and pedal assist. Bit of a beast in full loony mode (>35mph) but can be switched to 250w street legal mode.


(Ed Yeboah) #6

Nice, what are you using for your power analyser/logger?

(Paul Court) #7

I have a general DC one used for projects just like this (+ solar and power wall types too). It’s 5v to 60v compatible which is important for ebikes (the radio control ones don’t always have the high enough rating)
This is the same one I have Link

(Ed Yeboah) #8

Cool, that looks like a Cycle Analyst. I see you’re using a six MOSFET controller :slight_smile:

What’s that enclosure in front of it attached to the top tube? Is it for cabling?

(Paul Court) #9

Yes, just for cabling at this point. Planning to use it for a GPS/GSM type logger module as some point too…

Cycle Analysis looks good ! Will have a better look on my desktop later


(Ed Yeboah) #10

Let me know what you think, perhaps we can work on something similar.

(Tony Merchant) #11

let me know when you guys are going to meet up?

(Oli Passey) #12

https://doodle.com/poll/t5i6yq39qt4ivryh <-- this might help us choose a date?

Presuming a weekend would suit, but feel free to add any dates to the above.

Anyone got experience with decent bike computers? Mainly from an anti-theft / tracking point of view?
Everything ive seen online either has terrible reviews, or relies on a cloud service which has already gone bankrupt.

Thinking of hacking something together myself

(Tony Merchant) #13

I’m freelance so time is flexible for me, weekends are possible

(Ed Yeboah) #14

I’ve been working on something that satisfies those requirements since my last bike was stolen. You can check out an incomplete overview of it here: http://bit.ly/2IZX31y , there has been a bit of feature creep since.

(Oli Passey) #15

wow ok - 7 controllers :open_mouth:
I do hope you’ll bring this along for all to see

(Ed Yeboah) #16

Yep. 2 * Pis (Pi cam on each for AI) 4 ESP32s (one for the removable LCD, one for each set of wheel lights, one on the frame for telemetry) and a Teensy for power and LED control. The idea is for it to be modular, the minimal setup is just the pi and teensy.

(Paul Court) #17

For me it would have to be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon really. is that OK ?


(Oli Passey) #18

26th May work for people?