Dust mask (non covid)

Hello peeps,
I’m doing more and more diy at home so I’d like to invest in some PPE.
What type of mask would you recommend for sanding, occasionally mixing cement/mortar, spray painting, etc?
There is a wide choice of types and I don’t know where to start.

Those are all a little different

@recursion has a lot of knowledge in this area

The JSP Force 8 half face masks are popular in the woodshop and have a full range of filter cartridges available

+++ on JSP their PPE is nice and low price compared to 3M.

The JSP stuff is decent quality, yeah! Their Press-to-Fit thing is great for ensuring you have a good seal when you put on the mask.

Everything but the spray paint can be done with the standard filter cartridges that come with the Force-8 mask (the P3RD, as all they do is generate particulates). The problem with spray painting is that they generate aerosolised elements, so you want an ABEK-rated filter. The force-8 masks have interchangeable filters, and JSP sell a filter block that is ABEK1+P3 called the ABEK1P3R. In general, my advice would be to wear the lightest filters you can safely get away with - as you go up in filtration, the filters get bulkier, heavier, and harder to breathe through.


Thanks for advise!