Dunwich Dynamo anyone?

Hey folks,

The overnight, unsupported but semi-organised ride from London Fields to Dunwich is now on the horizon. I believe it’s scheduled for early July. Is anyone planning on doing the ride?


I did it quite a few years ago and it was a blast. Unfortunately I haven’t been cycling so much recently so I’m not fit enough to take it on this year.

Ooh, you should definitely do the DD. Coach tickets back to London should be available in the next few days.

I won’t be doing the ride, but if you’ve got coach tickets back from Southwark Cyclists then I’ll see you on the beach. I’ll be behind the table checking you in.

Usually do this and often have friends who join. I can’t confirm atm, but will shout out closer to the time. It would be great ride with you if it works out :+1:

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My partner and I did the ride last year for the first time, and it’s an absolutely great time. It’s much more of a mental than physical challenge, but steady progress eventually succeeds. She commutes 20 mins each way by bike, and cracked out the whole 180km without complaint, although it did take 12 hours, for what that’s worth.

@realGarethEvans - nice. Kinda feel we should think up some kind of symbolic hand over or delivery like the Olympic flame, from SLMS to London Fields to SC in Dunwich.

@VintageSteel sounds good. Sending you a dm about that cargo bike.

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How fit does one have to be and when is it? I’ve had a friend try to get me to do it in the past but twelve hours sounds, intimidating.

I should have clarified that the 12 hours involved 6 or 7 pit stops, 1:30 hours star-gazing, and another hour wasted waiting for the slowest sausages ever before going to another eatery.

The route is easy-going for the most part. They throw in some hills because cyclists love hills, and lots of folks just walk their bikes up the tougher ones. The majority of folks I saw looked like ordinary people with day jobs, not pro athletes or hardcore cycling enthusiasts.

We weren’t sore at all the following days, so we definitely could have pushed ourselves more. Reasonably fit friends of mine who rode ahead finished in 8 hours, stopping at several pubs. The greyhound groups finish in 6 hours or less.

IMO, the most important things to prepare are:

  1. A bike that works safely, with dynamo lights or spare batteries. I’ve seen people finish it on Brompton’s and 30kg old school Pashleys;
  2. A saddle that fits comfortably (supporting your sit bones), with padded cycling shorts being highly recommended and jeans being about the worst thing to wear;
  3. Keep ingesting calories throughout the night (snack bars, sweets, gels, proper food at pit stops, it all works).

Also eating tons of carbs the previous day helps. None of this is medical advice, consult a physician, etc etc.

Many of the small towns on the route open their pubs and community halls until late for the night, and loads of folks set up chairs on the roadside to cheer cyclists on, give out water, etc. It’s a really nice social vibe.

I’ve done this twice already, might do it again this year but not sure yet. I definitely recommend it, and you don’t need to be fast, it’s not a race (unless you want to be on the beach to watch the sunset). Night cycling is fun, and there’s a lot of food and drinks stops.


The really scary thing about the six-hour greyhounds is how many of them turn round and cycle back to London.

True story: Last year I couldn’t get a hotel room in Dunwich, so I stayed the night before in Yoxford, about five miles inland. I left about half past five, and cycled to Dunwich with my Brompton rather overloaded with IT gear to run the transport ticketing system. To this day I’m a little embarrassed that there wasn’t time to explain the situation to any of the cyclists coming the other day who kept shouting ‘Well done!’ at me.


I’ve been hoping to do it this year for the first time. Not definite yet. If anyone knows when the coach tickets become available, please shout.

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OK, you got me… Guilty as charged… I even bothered to blog (boast) about it last year :rofl: https://goinglong.co.uk/dunwich-dynamo-double-the-suffering/

Coach tickets went on sale a day or so ago. I’ve booked mine. There’s still about 700 left, so no rush.

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Just a reminder that coach tickets will likely sell out, they have the last few times.

I’ve bought a coach ticket, so I’m doing it! This will be my third time: I’ve ridden the Dunwich Dynamo twice before, in 2010 and 2016.

There are still 375 tickets left as I write this.


OK, on June 1 I had an off riding from London to Poole, which resulted in me being admitted to A&E resuscitation with suspected head / spinal injury. Thankfully - and I mean this sincerely - I only suffered 3 broken ribs and a smashed up shoulder.

Don’t worry though, as today I saw the consultant for an update and have been removed from the surgery list. Ribs are healing and I got a green light to restart training.

Sooooooo, although it it was left to me I would ride the DD, it seems I would upset those that love me unduly. What I’m saying is I’m more than probably out for this.

I’m so jealous of those that manage to ride it… Have a great one!!


Ouch! I’m glad you’re healing and it’s not as bad as feared.

As it happens, I did half of my first Dynamo with two broken ribs. I realised when I got to the beach and it still hurt that what I had thought was a stitch was actually broken ribs sustained when I stumbled and fell over around halfway while getting off my bike to change the batteries in my lights.

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That sounds like you went through a bit of an ordeal Paul. Sorry to hear. Frustratingly It’s my shoulder that’s holding me back. It’s separated so needs nursing back to health. Still, enjoyed some damn good drugs there for a while :+1: #DisfiguredForLife :rofl:

Oh no. I’m sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you seem to be mending.
I’m going to try the DD for the first time. Haven’t trained for the staying up all night. Or much for the cycling. So what could go wrong?


You will love it! The crowd will whoosh you along. :+1: