Dumping rubbish outside the Space - creates a problem for someone else

All waste needs to be in Quantum branded bags, and under 10kg…most of the stuff here won’t be collected…

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Under 10kg. Can we get a rubbish scale? Put it by the kitchen bins next to the door? It might be a good place considering the quantum bags are under the sink too. I personally actually never thought much about the weight. Should I get the scale to make it move quick? Or if anyone has an appropriate scales,can they bring them??


Im not sure the decision to leave huge piles of rubbish outside for weeks from arch 2 has helped us here.

It must be frustrating for our neighbors and their customers and even some of our members to live with this.

A benefit to getting someone else to clear arch 2 would have been less rubbish piles, more parking and less friction with locals. But some might say that’s 2020.

I think we should try be as considerate as possible to business owners on the estate when it comes to the shared spaces at all times.

I think it would be good to come up with a long term solution to our waste storage out front. Maybe either find a new contractor that gives us a proper big bin or we need to just bite the bullet and buy one. But that leaves the question: Does Quatum pick up rubbish from the 1000ltr type bins that waste companies normally empty using a waste truck?

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Price doesn’t look like much of an issue with a 1000ltr big bin costing around £150-£350 depending on you want plastic or metal.

But it leaves us with the problem of how does it get emptied? I’ll phone Quatum Monday and see if this is an issue or if they have a solution…


…just answered my own question.

For £340 we can get a massive bin with a drop front. This means we can store rubbish inside it and our friends at Quatum can easily open. Plus no more horrible piles out side


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