Drone kit help

(Rich Maynard) #1

Some of the kids at school want to experiment with drones. I was thinking of buying a kit to put together, and then maybe in the future look at upgrading bits, adding fpv, adding GPS, maybe getting a raspberry pi connected in there for autonomous missions etc. Possibly making our own frame.

What do people who know more of these things think of this?

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Hello, I'm Alessio
(Alessio Morale) #2

Hi Rich,
it may be good to start “fiddling” with drones despite probably it could be possible to get something slightly better buying separate parts, especially radio and flight controller (and perhaps I may have some part I can lend, I just need to look at the stuffs I have with me).
Wednesday evening I should be able to be at SLMS, happy to talk about it if you are there!


(Rich Maynard) #3

Sigh…I’d love to be there Wednesday evening, but so, so busy.

Any recommendations for a flight controller in particular? Something that runs librepilot, obviously :wink: Also something we can talk to with an on-board Raspberry Pi would be good for future autonomous experiments.