Drill guide needed for ten mm bit

I am after a drill guide with a ten mm bushing so I can drill a perfectly straight hole (90degrees to the surface) I live in Greenwich so I could travel to pick it up and return it as long as I am reasonably close. So if anybody thinks they can help please let me know.

I think I may have one - I’ll check this evening and post it to you if it is 10mm.

That would be great

Sorry this took so long, work has been mad.
I have a dowelling jig which is marked for 6/8/10mm - I think it’s a Wolfcraft one from the '70s.

If it’s what you need DM me an address and I’ll stick it in the post.

It will drill a pretty perpendicular hole if clamped, from memory.

Thanks Ed
I did it freehand with two pieces of wood as a guide. I thought you might be busy.

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