Drill chuck for lathe

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Anyone know or seen the drill chuck part which goes into the lathe ?

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Did you get an answer for this yet? Maybe @lathetechs can help?

I’m assuming you have checked in all the usual places on the left if the lathe and possible in the drawer below? It should be in a tool holder on the left of the lathe but haven’t been there in a while

Sorry I’m assuming you mean metal lathe? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh it’s for the wood lathe. Is it the same part though? Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find it

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Hi Lupton, :smiley: if you still cannot locate the bit I will have a look around on Wensday evening when im cleaning, Brian D=

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sorry i think it’s a different Chuck, the one in the metal lathe goes into a morse taper, not sure the wood lathe one does…

It does have a tapered insert so perhaps it is the same one?

The metal lathe taper is much larger than the little one on the wood lathe.

They are totally incompatible!

There must be another one then as I have used the drill chuck on the wood lathe before.

Indeed there is - somewhere - unless someones nicked it, but I can’t see why they would want to.

Hey @LuptonM, yeah I am unsure where this has got to. Went for the first time last week in a long while and also wanted it and couldn’t find it and looked in all the usual places. Hopefully someone has just misplaced it and it reappears but no-one has messaged us to ask to borrow it.

Brian said there are two chucks by the metal lathe, so it’s worth checking if the smaller one is from the woodlathe. Someone needs to take and post a photo. I’ll do it on Sunday if no one else does it before then

I checked yesterday and they both appear to be for the metal lathe as the taper is thicker then the wood lathe inserts

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