Dremel skills workshop?


A show-and-tell by makers who use Dremels (and similar) in their craft, in which they showcase their projects and explain the use of bits and attachments, techniques they use, safety etc. Perhaps a practical activity in which everyone gets to try out what has been demonstrated.
No fixed date as yet, just doing a needs assessment at this stage.


Participants: Add things you would like to learn, and your name next each so we can assess interest
Facilitators: Add your name in [ square brackets ] if you can teach/demonstrate that item, and add new items that you think should be covered

Dremels and accessories that can be loaned for the practical workshop

  • SLMS Dremel + accessories?
  • @Brendon_Hatcher - Dremel 4000, extension cable, carousel of bits, dust box
  • A Dremel router attachment
  • A Dremel drill press
  • 3D printed accessories

Sounds good, I love Dremels!

Side note: We need that tiny screw that holds the cut off wheels on, it appears to be lost…where can we get just this? Or do we have to buy the whole shaft thingy?

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Yes! I’d love to attend this. Have been meaning to gain some dremel skills for a while now!

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Bumping this, now that I have turned it into a wiki for everyone to add their needs/skills

I’m not yet a member but would be super interested in this - especially on glass cutting without poisoning yourself!

Dremels are one of those tools which have been on my list for years, just waiting for the right use case (i.e. why this, not a drill / driver / oscillating saw.) Glass and carving might be it.