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I’m very new at this and still having trouble navigating the platform. I can’t see where my previous posts are or where previous conversations I’ve had have gone and I’m not sure when I’m posting publicly or privately. I still haven’t managed to actually use the space because I haven’t been inducted for anything although I think I might be on the woodworking induction this Tuesday 20th Feb but I’m not sure. I’m probably too late to get the time off work now anyway but I’m trying.

My question though is once I’ve been inducted whether it’s ok for me to bring my own tools in to use while I’m there or whether I have to use the ones there. I just noticed there’s a very long list for the router induction but would I need to do this induction to use my own router?

If not I’m wondering how many inductions I’ll need to have done to properly use the woodworking space and all the tools in it? I thought it was just the Basic one plus the planer/thicknesser and the CNC router but I think there may be more?




we’re moving away from the inductions for the tools in the wood shop past the basic to an assessment format that should be significantly easier to get through. This was announced in the members meeting, and I’ve been updating the relevant tool pages and waiting lists as that gets rolled out. Ideally the waiting list goes away, and we just need to see you use the tool and take an online quiz so we have that documented. We still need to do the basic, as that’s more of an orientation towards the wood shop. I’ll add a link to the bottom of my post. I see a router in your profile picture so I expect this will be pretty straightforward. We also have a new Fesstool router I expect you’ll be happy with.

The reason we do inductions/assessments is because we need to be able to screen/educate members on tools and enforce safe usage (the HSE rules essentially) for the tool, themselves, and other members in the space. We have hundreds of members with varying levels of experience, and without inductions, the wood shop would simply not be in a usable state.

We understand that the induction process for the woodshop is currently difficult with long wait times, which is why we’re in the process of making these changes.

Hi Jon! Welcome :slight_smile:

My quick answer regarding the discourse forum is that yes it is a lot! I find it useful to click my avatar as a feed for activity in conversations that are going on. For something like induction lists and things you want to reference easily, you can bookmark conversations when you join them if you’d like to keep up with them later. Each thread also has the ability to change what notifications you get.

Hi Max

Thanks for getting back to me, I totally get the need for safety with a large number of members in and out using stuff. So once I’ve done the basic induction I can do the additional inductions via an assessment format?



Thanks Neil,

I’m a bit of a technophobe, I mean literally. Any mention of threads, platforms, avatars, portals or logins genuinely scares me!!! I think I’m getting there, I added my name to some waiting lists and have worked out how to go back in and check to see how they’re doing. I figure that once I’m inducted I’ll be less dependent on looking at a screen and I’ll be more able to actually go and make stuff. At the moment I’ve converted a four poster bed and upcycled a chest of drawers and wardrobe since Christmas and am making a load of timber shelves this weekend to go on some repro Victorian brackets round three sides of a room but sadly I’ve not been able to use the space for any of these projects. I’m sure it’ll come together though,

Many thanks


That’s right. With the basic, we want that to be accessible to anyone regardless of experience so it has a lot of content that we need to cover, and we need all. For the assessments, the idea is we want you to show us that you can use the tool safely in accordance with the shops safety rules, as outlined in that post I linked. Still wrapping up the associated quiz for the routers, but it’ll be done shortly.

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Thanks Max,

Sounds like a great plan