Door entry system down - but up again!

(Gawain Hewitt) #1

@directors the door entry system is not letting any of us in. There are about 8 members here at the moment, so we can manage it for now, but can you please look into before someone needs to lock up

(Dermot Jones) #2

Is the shutter responding?

(Gawain Hewitt) #3

Shutter is responding, yes

(Dermot Jones) #4


Just spoke to @Howard and he’s going to power cycle the system

(Howard Batchen) #5

Door access denied since a few hours ago
No response to power cycling

(Howard Batchen) #6

Electrical fault on the main clean room lighting circuit.
Something went bang near the switches but the switches seem ok.
RCD tripped, no lights if it’s turned back on.

(James Worcester) #7

Hello mate could you let me in @Edd

(Howard Batchen) #8

And no power in the wood workshop but I can’t see anything tripped out

(Dermot Jones) #9

These are separate circuits…


@Andy? You around?

(Howard Batchen) #10

The workshop power is obv on a different circuit. The clean room lighting circuit seems to be working now.It also seems to be connected to the clock and the doorbot. The doorbot lights come on but fobs still not working The clock not working so I think I’ll have a look up there and see if I can see anything suspicious.

(Howard Batchen) #11

Clock was plugged into a USB socket which is dead. Now working again from adapter.
Lights are on same socket as dead USB.
Still no doorbot but shutter ok.
Still no workshop power.

(Dermot Jones) #12

Some sort of power surge?

I’ll come and help have a delve…

(James Worcester) #13

Any news on this? I’d be more than willing to help with resolving it but I’m sorry I feel I’m lacking in skills…

(unknowndomain) #14

Let me know via text (not here) if there is an issue you need help with if the surge killed it.

(Dermot Jones) #15

All up and working again

Thanks for the offer