Dominos purchase - anyone want to share?

I was looking where I could get hold of some dominos. The Festool kind, not the game or the pizza!

Wanted to avoid Amazon and found this place in Layton. Thinking of cycling out there on the weekend and getting a bag of 5 & 6mm. Don’t think I’ll ever use a whole bag. Anyone want to go halves?

We are talking to the @directors atm regarding getting a supply of them in the space for members to purchase


That is a good price, especially for the bigger boxes

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I’ll go in with you David.

@brendan_callan, cool! I’ll head out there Sat morning and then will be in the space later in the day if you’re around? Otherwise we can arrange something another time or I can leave in the space.

If anybody else wants anything while I’m out there let me know!

Pepperoni for me pls

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I’m hungry now

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yep that would be great. If you have time and would want to do a favour, I’ve actually not been inducted to the domino tool yet. I’ve got a cabinet face frame I’m putting together and will need probably 6 dominos to complete the first section. If you’d have the time to help through that I’ll return the favour some time.

Got them ordered. Will be in the space in the afternoon. 2 or 3 maybe. Happy to help.

Thanks so much David, i was actually lucky enough to get into tomorrow’s induction class. So I’ll be going in tomorrow instead. Do you want to send me bank info and how much to send. Then if you could just find a place to stash them till I get there tomorrow. Thanks again.

still a few dominos left? happy to chip in / buy off you?

We now have them available in the webshop!

@lewisss can provide more details on the Domino joiner…

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Where are they stored when we’ve bought them?

They are in the Domino Joiner box, and woodtechs will replenish them as far as I understand…

The festool systainer (grey box with green lock with domino box) has the dominoes in we are currently stocking 5x50 and 6x40 dominoes.
If they run out let a woodtech know, we can replenish.