Do we want another potters wheel?

I’ve been offered a wheel with a ‘minor electrical fault’ (this could of course be a not so minor fault)

I don’t know much.ore than that but can try and find out if someone gives me the right questions to ask

Might this be useful to us?

@clemj ?



Do you have a picture of the wheel? or a brand/model name?

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Pacifica Gt400

So potentially pretty nice?

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I would say yes. Even if we cannot fix it we can use it as a turntable for coiling.


This is in Camden, can anyone help collect?


I live not far away from Camden. When is the plan to collect?


Will need to coordinate with @Dermot, wanted to see if someone was up for it, do you have access to a vehicle?

I have a bicycle trailer.

In a great state :sunglasses:

Only pun intended

Its about 50kg, is that doable?

I think mine is only up to 40kg.

I did more than 40kg before

I am also only available in the mornings. Maybe @scythian would like another trip to practice his driving in London.

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I’m near Camden too and will be back next week - I could help get it into a car or van. There’s also Thameslink train from Kentish Town to Herne Hill. 50kg will need 2 people at least and a trolley of some kind. There’s also steps which have to carry this down. Whereabouts in Camden?

I was doing a stall at York Rise Street Fair yesterday and took the opportunity to pick up the wheel

It’s now in Arch 2

Luckily it wasn’t 50kg!

There’s some notes that go with it. I’ll share them later


Nice one!

Thanks Dermot!

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Can we name it Sir Amic to distinguish it from the other wheel, Ivana Turn.

Thanks for picking up the wheel. It looks great!

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