Do we have a webbing stretcher for upholstery projects? We do now - thanks Jonty!

I need to re-upholseter 4 dining chairs with drop-in seats. The current drop in seat frames are very damaged and full of old tacks and holes so I want to replace them, I was thinking to replace with solid plywood but am tempted to try making a plywood frame with the centre cut out and using webbing to support the foam, to make the seats more comfortable.

Do we have a webbing stretcher? And if anyone has done anything similar I’d appreciate any advice. I feel a bit like a vandal for ditching the original seat frames but they’re very creaky and knackered and I’m guessing were never intended to last forever.

hi! my mum did an upholstery course recently, and my two aunts have both done quite a bit of upholstery. I can probably borrow the webber my mum has if you want to borrow it off me?

Advice is to check that plywood will be strong enough because the stretched webbing puts a lot of stress on the frame. My mum sent some info from a book she has. The pictures are not in order here and I can’t seem to get them in order, but it will hopefully make sense!

Hannah thank you so much! That’s really useful and the step by step instructions in your book are much clearer than anything I’ve found online. I’d love to borrow the stretcher please if that’s not awkward to arrange. I think I’ll use a solid piece of ply and cut out of the centre of it for the webbing so it should be nice and strong.

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Looks like a pretty easy make!

I’ll have a rummage through my scraps and am happy to knock one up for the space as it’s definitely a useful item to have in our arsenal!


@tomnewsom had a kit his granma was getting rid of if I remember right?

Just finished…!

Will leave it in the top draw in the textile area…!


Thank you Jonty you are a superstar. :star_struck:

Wow that was quick! I’m impressed :blush:
Can we see a picture? :grin:

Lovely to see this all come together in this way!

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nice!! :heart_eyes:

Pretty poor photos so many apologies!

Tried and tested and working!

Tools used:
Double pinion hand drill
Cross cut saw
Coping saw

Ash 175mm x 55mm x 14mm
Oak Dowel 9mm x 55mm
String circa 1m

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It’s a little scrappy round the hole; all part of the design to help it grip better :wink: