DND item themed box thing

This is my first laser cut project, a birthday gift for someone I play DND with. Basically it’s a real version of an in game item which is an aquatic themed key holder.

I created the box using the MakerCase site and created a lid using a shallower open box. If I was to remake I would create a lid the same size as the box and have it sit on top using an inner lip.

I engraved sea creatures on all sides and the lid and embellished with a few pearls around the octopus.

The inside has a key holder layer which is made with two layers of ply with coloured card sandwiched between.

I also created a couple of keys to sit inside using the cut sections from the holder.

I finished it of by sanding all corners to a rounded finish and all faces with 400 grit paper, it achieved a really nice polished finish even before adding any wax. I finally put felt in the base and around the interior of the lid, which helped reduce movement from a slight sizing issue I had :man_shrugging:t2: Thanks @Amit_Kohli for the suggestion :blush:
Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, for a first build I learnt a few valuable lessons, mainly not to assume that exported vector files import into Ruby at the correct size. (I think the software o use on my iPad is a tad unreliable…

My next project will be a duel glasses case in which I want to try living hinges and magnetic closing :slight_smile:


daaaaaang that came out so nice! if this is your first project, you’ll be making the monalisa soon!

I love the card in the middle! really smart touch!

Verrrryyy nice!

oohh…that’s very nice

It looks great. Nice work!

Thanks! :blush: