DIY Small Wooden Cuff Link Box

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Hi all,

I have no experience in making this at all and not sure where to start, but I want to learn and make a small wooden cuff link box!

Note: thanks for everyone sharing the tips! I want to make a wood box, so ideally through woodwork workshop or a small CNC machine, but what shall I start first (I have no clue!), haven’t done an induction yet trying to squeeze into one but not sure when I will make it! I will be in the space 25 - 26 Nov, would be lovely if someone have experience on this could guide me a bit!


Are you thinking just some sort of smallish jewelry box with little partitions? Could do a traditional wood, or get all modern and go 3D printed or laser cut :smiley: So many options.

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This could be also a great project for the small CNC


I subscribe to the school of lazy box making

+1 for cnc


You could do it in the woodwork workshop by hand, it’s easier than it looks especially as it’s small :sweat_smile:. It would be super easy to make it on the lazer cutter for sure, there is a website that will design and size the box for you, CNC be also a great option if you can do basic CAD design. It really depend on which part of the maker space you are inducted for and how soon you want to make it :grinning:

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Thanks Neil! Great idea about partition I haven’t thought about it, my Initial idea is a super simple one without partition!

I am gonna gather up some options and ideas and see what induction I can sign-up this month :grin:

Oh that’s beautiful! Did you make this one? How did you make it?

I will try and see if I can get an induction, thanks for the tip!

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Great tips! Are you aware of any woodwork induction? I am open to all these options to be honest, will see what I can get a hand on first, happy to learn about CAD design too, so you have any tips on what tools/platforms for super beginner forbCAD design?

Hey Kyle, do you think I can make one like this? I want to make one with wood, as it looks very solid and beautiful, the question is how and what should be my first step?? I will be in the space next weekend 25 - 26 Dec to learn