Diy plotters

Hello, does anybody fancy making something like this? Looks super cool!
They draw vector graphics!

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I made a similar one that works with a spray can so will need some modifications. You are welcome to hack it to your needs! :wink:

Whaaaaa I’d love to!!! :scream::scream::scream:

I’ll bring it in whenever you are back let me know.

I heard menton of a makerspace shutter mural :wink:

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Thanks for your vote of confidence! Unfortunately the resolution at this moment is rough :stuck_out_tongue: which means lots of room for improvement! The next step is use of stencils and icon plotting so maybe…

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Someone was looking into this for the chalk bord

I’d assume that the carriage would be a tonne more stable with a ‘non-self-propelly’ thing?

I’m waiting on funding to develop a much stabler core xy system like this:


Hi Sabrina , I am interested in making the plotter.

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Should we do a group and see when is the best time to meet? Maybe monthly? Personally weekdays are better…

Yes . Good Idea.

Shall we make time to get ameeting for those interesed. This week? Can y meet on electronics night.

Hi that’ll be great! It’s a little difficult for me in the evening but I can try

Hi I am reviving this thread, should we do it?

I’ve always wanted to make one of these for use on a whiteboard and actually started some years ago, with extremely limited progress :smiley:

I’d love to get back on it, though time might be a bit limited. I could definitely help with stepper-motor-ring and putting some firmware together though!